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Herbsdrop offers handmade products promoting the value of healthy materials presence in nature. This is in line with our social responsibility to the nature preservation and endangered species protection. Every step of production is performed manually with care from plants harvesting until product packaging.

100% Organic

Herbsdrop hydrosols are made exclusively from natural spring water and wild plants growing far away from the cities and other intensive human activity areas. None of additives such as flavors, fragrance or preservatives are used.

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We offer completely Free Shipping Worldwide. Delivery time varies by continent: Europe 2-3 business days, North America 5-7 business days, rest of the world 7-12 business days. We ship via post.

Nature is full of valuable compounds for human. Our goal is to take these compounds out of nature. In our produced hydrosols, we believe we isolate a small drop of nature in every produced bottle of “HERBSDROP” hydrosol. Hydrosols, also known as “flower waters” or “plant waters”, are produced by distilling fresh leaves, fruits, flowers, and other plant materials. Hydrosols have numerous benefits as Anti-inflammatory, cooling and wound healing properties, it can serve as hydrating component in cream, cleanser, or can be used as toner. Nature is the best source for human friendly compounds.


Nettle Hydrosol

Nettle is a plant with pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties.

Meadowsweet Hydrosol

Meadowsweet is a plant with insect repellent and detoxing properties.

Wormwood Hydrosol

Wormwood is a unique herb that has been used for ages to fight harmful microorganisms.

Cornflower Hydrosol

Cornflower is a plant with soothing and cooling properties.

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